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Whether your business is a brand new endeavor, or has been established and aged like a fine wine.
A well planned out website and Internet presence is imperative in this day and age in order for businesses to grow! In addition to a website, an awesome multi-platform mobile app is always a wise choice to help convert leads and gain notoriety amongst your clientele, no matter if you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, and corporation.

We specialize in native multi-platform mobile app development & responsive "cutting-edge" website design, setting your mobile apps & websites above the rest, so your mobile apps & websites are consist with your branding and optimized for all of your client's possible devices. Keeping your app / web presence and company branding on the forefront of your customer's minds!

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App Development

We specialize in native iOS & Android app development with the fastest benchmark loading times to date!

Social Icons

Technology is advancing at a record pace. It is imperative companies display themselves throughout all social media apps. Let us help you gain and maintain your social media presence that will captivate your clients interests.

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Web Design

We specialize in responsive web design, so your website is optimized for all of your client's possible devices!

Responsive Layout

Our Website Design / App Development Department is highly skilled to fulfill your needs bringing your business to the next level of technological advancement, along with having a fast turn-a-round time to get you up and running before your competitors.

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App Development Cost Breakdown Formula

( App Features x Development Time ) x Hourly Rate = App Development Cost

Factors that Affect App Development Cost

App Purpose & Functionality

  • What would you like your app to be capable of doing for it's users (your Clients)
  • What Mobile Devices would you like supported (iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s+, MOTO G, LG V30, etc.)
  • What Mobile Platforms would you like supported (iOS / Android)

Third Party Integration

  • Does your app transmit data solely between its own entities, or does your app retain access to data maintained by alternative entities

Visual Object Utilization

  • Visual Object Integration Complexity will significantly increase cost and app development time

Smart Technology & Hardware Features Utilized

  • Will your app use SMART Technologies such as NFC, GPS Navigation, Gyroscope/motion functionality utilized via mobile devices & tablet devices

Maintenance Plan

  • App Maintenance is crucial in app longevity and successful deployments

App Development Department Size & Experience

  • App Development Cost is directly proportional to the size of the development team & apps use cases & requirements

To Get an App Development Quote
Call (951) 444-1288
to discuss your
App Requirements