Our Event Filming integrates creative shots, event footage, event highlights, and other scenes from the event day into a professional-quality production, with synchronized music, and voice-over (optional). The final production can be delivered on DVD or Digital Copy.

Options include the number and type of cameras to be used, the length of the final footage, the media the final recording will be presented on, music synchronization, and the integration of other events service products.

The final product can be packaged with the Slide Show/Montage, a copy of the Event Web Site (optional), or the Short Film, or any combination of the above.

Additional considerations include the length of actual filming throughout the day. Packages will include an all-day, 8-hour package that catches the whole day’s activities; and a 5-hour package that covers the event only.

The Process:

  • Pre-production
  • Client Meeting to determine needs (at least 1 month prior to event day)
  • Production
  • Event Day shooting
  • Post Production
  • 1 month rough cut review (allows for changes to the look.)
  • 3 months final Delivery*
* Based on Basic 5-hour Package