The DVD Slide Show is a collection of photographic images provided by the couple, edited and synchronized with music and a voiceover. The photos start by telling the company history, then build to the story of its growth. The Photo Montage is a fun addition to the filming of an event, or an anniversary party, and it also works well at corporate anniversaries, retirement celebrations, graduations, and memorials.

Options include - the length of the final production, the storage media (CD/DVD), music or voiceover synchronization, text on screen, the backdrop style used, and the presentation method.

Production Length –
 The length of the Slide Show / Montage can be developed with up to 30 minutes in length

Storage Media – The final production can be delivered in H264, MPEG, Quicktime, Apple (iPhone,iPad, or iPod), Android/Mobile Phone, or DVD format.

Music / Commentary Synchronization – Synchronization is the matching of music or voice commentary to the series of photos. Music requires that the owner provide the music to be synchronized, while commentary requires the commentator to be present for a studio recording.

Text on Screen - Text allows for the written commentary of a scene. This method is especially useful for the hearing impaired.

Backdrop Style – For non-full screen applications, a series of different preset backdrops or custom backdrops will be available if so requested.

Presentation Method – The method of presentation depends upon the location of the event. This can be accomplished with a temporary screen and projector, or a TV(s) and DVD combo that will loop the montage.

Photos received need to be in the following formats:

Print or Digital (PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD)

* Any editing required for photographs will be at an extra charge.

* Due to the legality of the issue on property rights, any request for copyrighted material to be used will be denied. This includes photos from books or magazines, photos that are illegally replicated or downloaded, photos of logos, or as deemed questionable by IE Imaging. This additionally refers to any material deemed pornographic in nature.