The event storyboard is a documentary or feature film-style narrative, custom-created according to your specifications. We will collaborate with you at every step of the way to ensure the creation of an entertaining, impactful presentation of the story you want to tell.

The development of the Event Story will center on the development of a script based on the event's origin, a popular film concept, or any other theme. We will interview the event spokesmen to gather their ideas for thematic direction, script ideas, music, and other elements of the film’s conception. We will then write a draft script for review. Upon approval, a final script, basic production timeline, and budget will be developed.

Some considerations that may affect the pricing structure of each short film include location (if travel or special location permits are required, for instance), wardrobe or prop rentals, voiceover talent, music, and professional actors. Although these would not typically affect the pricing structure exponentially, certain script/concept combinations do involve extra cost.

Upon completion of the conceptualization stage, a project manager will be assigned to begin organizing the necessities of the project. This includes the timeline, the shooting schedule relative to availabilities, permits, rentals, crew organization, voiceover talent, and anything else that may be necessary for the successful completion of the project.

In cooperation with the post-production manager, and the project manager, the director will begin gathering the footage necessary within the given timeframe. The director uses the ideas gathered from the couple to capture and highlight aspects requiring emphasis.

Upon completion of production, the postproduction manager will review the raw footage and identify any additional needs before organizing. Then, we will edit the footage and add the necessary effects for a theater quality look and feel. Before finalization, the manager will review the draft release with the couple to ensure the desired look is captured.

Upon finalization of the short film, it will be packaged as desired by the couple and distributed based on their initial requirements. Additionally, if so requested, a “movie poster” will be created to accompany the package (with additional charge).

Packages and Configurations:
Packages configurations involve the combination of a few key areas. These involve the timeframe of the film, the release methods, the packaging types, graphic design type, the film format, and the filming techniques to be used.

Timeframes: 5-minute video, 10 minute film, 20 minute film, 30 minute film
Production: Client directs production process (experience necessary).
Screenplay: Client writes own screenplay.
Release Methods: Postal Mail Delivery or Streaming Media
Packaging Types: DVD Movie Case, Jewel Case, Special Casing –tin, zencase
Graphic Design Type: Basic Layout, Design by Graphic Artist
Film Format: QuickTime, DVD, H264, MPEG
Filming Techniques: Steadi-cam, Special Filtering, Special Lighting, 360, etc.